Thursday, 28 August 2014


 Hey fashion lovers ,one of my previous  post was on bohemian styled  kimono's and I researched  some bohemian clothes and fashion and I found some really nice things ! I love the earthy but still lively colours ,theirs a really chilled look about boho fashion that can look quite grunge , I have such  a love for grunge fashion like seriously I could live happily in just grunge clothes.. So any way here is what I discovered peace and love guys   !                          



        head scarf and boho dress Boho
fly on super bohemian mama!!
                 Just like all the floral dresses abs different textures and patterns in this picture. Plus all the green!!!grunge indie style  

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

boho summer vibes

Hey guys new fashion update ! I bought a new kimono type thing not sure what to call it but I love it !Im so into the bohemian look this summer and this is definitely a bohemian essential plus its so diverse and easy to just throw on when your going out on a nice sunny day to add that 90's/ 80's hippie style and complete your look !
 Here are some pictures of  hippie style kimono's I really like , enjoy and I hope someone gets some inspiration and creates  a super cool outfit !

                Black Magic Woman  also available in Ivory by GirlOnAVine on Etsy
                    Shorts super customizado!


              thought these shoes would go so nicely with this outfit ! (the one above)
oh and with this super  cute side bag I bought recently.
 Floral Brocade Fringe Kimono - Black - Saltwater Gypsy  #bohemian ☮k☮ #boho #gypsy
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