Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Dealing with boxing day SALES!

Only a few hours away from Christmas ! Which means a day left till boxing day,so I bet all the bargain hunters out there are getting prepared for the shopping war zone! I decided to do a post on how to cope with boxing day and make the most of your money.

1. Plan what you want to buy!
This will save you so much more time, instead of wasting money buying something that you really don't need simply because its a great bargain ( we've all done it before) aim to buy what you set out to for example I need a new pair of jeans so ill be on the hunt for a good bargain but quality pair of jeans.

2. Be adventurous, and open minded
Often some clothes look better on, if you see something that could potentially look really good why not give it a go? Shopping is all about experimentation, and as far as im concerned fashion an art form. Art is a about creativity and expression so when your shopping find items that express you don't be afraid to go all out and be different!

3.Think logically
As fun as shopping can be, we all get pretty tired from all the mayhem but there are ways to avoid this. think before you go into a shop .Almost like any sport before you go onto the pitch or the court you have a game plan. Have a game plan before you go into a shop and  face the madness only to realise there was no real purpose of entering the store.

4. Online shopping is your best friend
The same items you can find in store can be found online and you can be in the comfort of your own home.Only advice I'd give for online shopping is be careful buying items you are not too sure of your size with for example im extremely picky with buying jeans because im short but fairly curvy.

4 tips that should help you shop better, best of luck guys, shop sensibly!


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