Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Trip to Switzerland !

Hello everyone ! I just came back from Switzerland and after having a good nap in my beloved bed I thought I'd jump straight into a blog post on my trip.

 Number one thing I first noticed about Switzerland is how beautiful and clean it is. There was literally no rubbish on the floor not even gum and this is no exaggeration. The next thing I noticed was how happy people looked just getting on the tram several people smiled at me and a small thing like that makes me really happy. Switzerland is in the top 10 best places to live and I do see why.

While on my trip we visited different places and it was so nice to get a different atmosphere and escape from normal  life also it inspired me to get motived and learn more languages. My cousin can speak 5 languages (German , swiss-german ,English, Shona and French) all fluently and she's  learning Korean and Japanese! I have been learning Japanese on and off for about a year but I really want to get serious with it. I'm even taking it as a subject next year and hopefully studying Japanese along with journalism. also I studied Spanish for my gcse's and loved it so I will try to brush up on that too . I've realised how important it is to be able to speak multiple languages especially as I want to travel a lot in the future.

Enough of me chit chatting here are some pictures of my trip. Enjoy !





Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kim K's infamous Ben Nye powder (review)

Hey everyone, I've really been trying to do more posts, so here I go with another. This is a little different seeing as I don't usually write about make up and its not like im being paid to write this review so why am I bothering ? Welllll because this powder is FLAWLESS and I think you all deserve to know about it if you already don't.

 Guys when I say this stuff works it works ! I had heard a big  fuss about  it after people found out the selfie queen  Kim Kardashian uses the banana powder. As much as I can say she's a narcissistic materialistic person  ( don't hate on me just my opinion) we all know  her make up is gorgeous. So I thought I'd check out what the fuss was about. I searched on You tube and a ton of videos came up with all amazing reviews and also so many shades . I'm all up for trying things out so I went to my good old pal eBay and bought 4g of the Ben Nye powder in the colour sienna for only £2.80 with free delivery ( always a bonus).
I tried it out today and it made all the difference. it created a matte effect on my face so goodbye shiny face!Also it lasts all through out the day I went out at about 4 came back at about 9 and it still looked great without any touch ups needed ( ain't nobody got time for that) .

 This product is just what I needed seeing as im trying to update my make up collection. Its coming on quite nicely, when its all done I will do a blog post on it but for now peace and love beautiful people.


Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Women presented in the media

Slightly more serious topic today but I think its well over due for me to discuss . Do we really ever consider how ridiculously degrading females are presented in the media, predominately  in music videos not to judge or anything but mostly hip hop and so called "R&B" . You know what it shocks me how genuinely acceptable  it is to show women as some sort of sex symbol. Dancing around men, shaking it and all that ... . women in these videos seem to be worth the same amount as the fancy cars and latest trainers that are featured in these videos. Basically saying women are just accessories and products that are all for the show. I thought we were passed the time of "trophy wives" but now its even worse because these men don't even bother with the marriage part but assume they have the right to own these women. I think at the end of the day it comes down to self worth. If we really looked into history at what women went through without a choice and here we are with some much power, choice and freedom and what do we decide to do with it.Degrade ourselves. This one story in particular touched me to the point of near tears . I was so disgusted by it but it was informative and inspired me to make this blog post.

This is the story of a women who lived a life of suffering , shame and racial inferiority. 
Sara Baartman ( also known as the Hottentot Venus ) was 20 when she arrived in London from Cape town . Little did she know she would become the icon for black female sexualisation and racial inferiority. The people of Britain and France  were fascinated by her body, they had never seen a women with a figure and curves  like Sara Baartman and therefore made the black female body inferior to the white women . In 1814 She was made into a science project were she was heavily studies with no consideration of how she felt . Sara Baartman was seen as a freak show and with that came  her position in the circus where she danced naked and was laughed at and mocked by the public. Sara Baartman died in 1816 at the  young age of 26. the terror and shame didn't end there. Her brain, buttocks and genitals were cut out and displayed in a French museum for many years, only in 2002 were her remains brought back to South Africa.

Sarah’s body was exploited, much like women today in rap videos. the only difference is Sara  was enslaved and forced yet we have the freedom to refuse being over sexualised, but women  still choose to pose half naked on TV, instagram and even in public and don't realise the freedom we have because of  the actions of  so many feminist activists . Just some food for thought for you guys. On that note, women you are so incredibly beautiful and the pinnacle of God's creation you don't need anyone to tell you that . (Men your beautiful too, don't want to leave anyone out !)

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