Tuesday, 24 February 2015

H&M The New Neutrals

Evening everyone ! Recently all the staff at h&m in oracle had a meeting to discuss what will be included in the new season, this  means I can update you guys on what's currently trending. Our best selling item in h&m are neutral coloured jumpers. They are very light in material and great to just throw on and also if your going for a high fashion urban style. The colours for the new season are mostly neutral including beige  (the central colour)  browns, greys, creams and of course black and white. I actually really like the new collection it may seem a bit bland but theirs a lot you can do with neutrals. theirs this one jacket im in love with its like a bomber jacket but with light material pockets on the side and an eagle on the back( I'll put a picture at the bottom). you'll love this collection if your up for a modern classic and simple look. I feel the collection flows perfectly with the current winter trend with all the camel  coats and brown hats also it has lots of room for experimentation especially for people who like switching up their style often. All you need is a few of these key pieces to create a new and elegant look ready for spring, I can't wait to see the sun shine !
 H&M described this collection as "Easy elegance of a neutral palette fused with modern cuts and silhouettes". This suits perfectly. Here are some of the items from the spring collection. Enjoy!

Monday, 16 February 2015

The Smith Siblings

This may be a weird post and possibly slightly controversial but for some reason I've been quite interested in both of them after checking out some of their music which I actually enjoyed. I really do think their interesting unique individuals but I've heard some people's opinions are the complete opposite. We can't deny that their style and fashion especially Willow is pretty cool. both of them look very earthy but at the same time futuristic, im not sure if that make sense but that's the beauty of it! as teenagers the are  trying to explore themselves and  getting a grip on life as we all are really.In fact they have inspired me to be who I am and not care what anyone thinks. Just because your young  doesn't mean you can't have your own thoughts and express yourself how you like.


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