Thursday, 14 April 2016

Fit for fridays!

Hello fashion lovers ! Im back again with what I hope you will find an interesting and useful post.
Anyone who knows me knows I love to party or just have a  chilled night with the girls and Im sure Im not the only one. So I thought I'd  create a few looks you can easily transform from day time either that being work in the office or running a few errands.

I find the best way to make a casual look vamped up to an evening  outfit, is by loosening  things up a bit ! So Undo that shirt button , throw of that tie and relax ! The biggest fashion trend  booming at the moment  is to rock those neutral colours this season ! Colourless is the new black ! This is an ongoing trend that can be worn in a cool yet trendy way. Neutral tones are a great way to easily transform from the office/day time to the club the pub or hit the bar.

I love a good beige  suit jacket on a man .This suit jacket  by T.M Lewin is perfect to take from day to  night! This beige blazer has been made in a soft and lightweight cotton cashmere blend. Half-lined for a less structured feel to give you both that casual day look and relaxed evening look. To vary up the look you can choose from a selection of shirts.

T.M Lewin provides, all great quality and  will  have eyes on you wherever you are . I definitely think a dark checked shirt could be paired with this jacket for a fun and trendy look or a crisp white shirt for a clean and fashionable style. while your on their website take a look at their great selection  of quality suits linked here for you !

Haven't forgotten about you ladies! This season my favourite trend is  lace up details At work  you can wear a lace up front shirt ,tie it up to keep that professional look and after  work loosen it up to get that cute and flirty look ! This can be worn with a great pair of cullotte trousers or even a simple midi skirt ! To add that classy kick to your outfit add a pair of  simple strappy heels in a neutral colour as seen in the pictures.



I love to experiment with layering different tones and textures , So don't be afraid to go over board with the neutrals as they will always match together some how. Here are some  his and hers outfit ideas you could possibly try out ,enjoy !

Picnic Casual | What to wear to the Races | Dressed for the Occasion #tmlewin:


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Hope you all enjoyed this post and it gave you a few outfit ideas  fit for Fridays !

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