Sunday, 3 May 2015

Kpop fashion ... BIGBANG comeback !

Big news guys, BIGBANG  (one of my favourite  music artists) released 2 new songs  from their new album  after what seemed like forever ! Shout out to all the kpop fans but for all those who are have no idea what im talking about, kpop is Korean pop and BIGBANG  is a very popular band in not only Korea but all over the world. first time I listening to them I thought what the .... but I gave it a change now im a little obsessed! I would suggest checking them out if your open minded and feel to listen to for something new.
 All that excitement inspired me to do a post on Kpop bands various styles ,as it can be seen as controversial and a little OTT  but then again in the world of kpop there seems to be no boundaries for what is acceptable, literally!From make up , extensions,braids, temporary tattoos and plenty of studs, the crazy outfits are endless  and these are  the boy bands im talking about ! Personally I love it ... most of the time. There have been many outfits I thought were not to my taste. Also as their outfits are usually super crazy when they do tone things down and rock a simple suit , they all look sooooo good.
Anyway enough of my opinion check out some of the pictures I found, I would love to hear  your opinions, so for now good  evening beautiful people and kpop lovers !

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