Saturday, 1 October 2016

I'm all Choked out

At long last I'm back with another post. Quick update summer is now over (sad face) and I'm in a new location! I've gone of to Kent to study English and american literature with creative writing .  I am super excited to get started with my course and hopefully gain more skills to make this blog wayyyyy better than it is currently is.

So today's fashion topic is the comeback of the choker(if you hadn't guessed by the title). The choker trend returned and has appeared throughout this summer worn in many different ways and will no doubt continue this autumn . There is the obvious throwing it back to the 90's style but many variations have appeared such as the punk, the elegant, the black and gold and there are many super cute chokers inspired by the harajuku scene in Japan. I can't wait to see how the trend will carry through all the way to winter!

The classic velvet black chocker

I love the simplicity of this chocker style. Show it off by wearing it with a simple of the shoulder top!

The elegant choker 

Chokers have made many appearances on  red carpets and  catwalks some more extravagant than other but nevertheless beautifully worn and undoubtedly elegant.

Image result for catwalk chokers  Image result for catwalk chokers

Image result for catwalk chokersImage result for red carpet chokers

The punk harajuku inspired choker 

Harajuku style represents all things fun, cute and slightly eccentric!
I was lucky enough to help as style assistant and one of the models for an amazing brand that sells the most kawaii jewellery! Check the website out to purchase the items below. HEAUXMADE 
Image result for HEAUXMADE Image result for HEAUXMADE

That's it from me ! Thanks for reading and I hope this gave you some ideas or maybe just something interesting to read! 

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Summer Swimwear Style Inspiration !

Hope everyone is enjoying they're summer so far ! I've been busy in Mallorca for a crazy girls holiday and then shot of to Belgium for another crazy holiday with my boyfriend ,but I'm back and ready to get back to blogging!

With all the variety of swim wear available it can be tough to choose. One look I've really been In love with this summer is the all white swim suit. Great for all skin tones and a perfect contrast for when you get that summer glow!
This beautiful swimsuit from AdoreMe is sure to hug you in all the right places and the detail in the back pulls  your waist in and adds a nice extra touch. For more swimsuits be sure to check out they're  swimwear page

Here are a few accessories you could add to look the best on the beach  and pool side !

I love this cool and casual cover up, perfect for on the beach with a white swim suit under. for sexier look how about leaving the buttons undone.
Lastly a pair of cute white slider sandals . These comfy sandals are bang on trend! if you don't have a pair, go out and get a pair to rock with all kinds of outfits, from casual beach wear to sporty chic.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Fit for fridays!

Hello fashion lovers ! Im back again with what I hope you will find an interesting and useful post.
Anyone who knows me knows I love to party or just have a  chilled night with the girls and Im sure Im not the only one. So I thought I'd  create a few looks you can easily transform from day time either that being work in the office or running a few errands.

I find the best way to make a casual look vamped up to an evening  outfit, is by loosening  things up a bit ! So Undo that shirt button , throw of that tie and relax ! The biggest fashion trend  booming at the moment  is to rock those neutral colours this season ! Colourless is the new black ! This is an ongoing trend that can be worn in a cool yet trendy way. Neutral tones are a great way to easily transform from the office/day time to the club the pub or hit the bar.

I love a good beige  suit jacket on a man .This suit jacket  by T.M Lewin is perfect to take from day to  night! This beige blazer has been made in a soft and lightweight cotton cashmere blend. Half-lined for a less structured feel to give you both that casual day look and relaxed evening look. To vary up the look you can choose from a selection of shirts.

T.M Lewin provides, all great quality and  will  have eyes on you wherever you are . I definitely think a dark checked shirt could be paired with this jacket for a fun and trendy look or a crisp white shirt for a clean and fashionable style. while your on their website take a look at their great selection  of quality suits linked here for you !

Haven't forgotten about you ladies! This season my favourite trend is  lace up details At work  you can wear a lace up front shirt ,tie it up to keep that professional look and after  work loosen it up to get that cute and flirty look ! This can be worn with a great pair of cullotte trousers or even a simple midi skirt ! To add that classy kick to your outfit add a pair of  simple strappy heels in a neutral colour as seen in the pictures.



I love to experiment with layering different tones and textures , So don't be afraid to go over board with the neutrals as they will always match together some how. Here are some  his and hers outfit ideas you could possibly try out ,enjoy !

Picnic Casual | What to wear to the Races | Dressed for the Occasion #tmlewin:


More suits, #menstyle, style and fashion for men @

Hope you all enjoyed this post and it gave you a few outfit ideas  fit for Fridays !

Monday, 15 February 2016

Yohji Yamamoto

I'm back again with my favourite topic. Fashion ! I love looking at how fashion arrives on the high street and in our favourite shops.Of course it all starts with the crazy bizarre creations on catwalks around the world, that are then adapted for us to wear . As an art student and a lover of all things crazy the shapes, colours, and  extravagant designs put together at a fashion show fascinate me .Its amazing to see materials, colours and tones you had perhaps not considered as a match made in heaven look so cool and flow so well. Often designers will start by revealing  their most minimalistic designs that originate from sketches and  as the models come out the audience are able to see how one simple idea can be developed and branched out into so many elaborate designs.

Specifically one designer that doesn't hold back on his creativity is Yohji Yamamoto best known in mainstream fashion for his Y3 quasa high trainers which I absolutely love! After browsing around I decided on a collection that particularly interested me and no doubt will interest you too !
Here are some of the images I found ,enjoy and I hope it inspires you not only be bold with your fashion but bold with everything you do !

Yohji Yamamoto A/W 2014 Collection



Friday, 5 February 2016

3 tips to lose inches off your waist and stomach !

 Angela Simmons  my body inspiration, real and beautiful !

I'm back again with a fitness post ! So on my last post I wrote about the dangers of waist training  and the lies people are being sold that they actually work as a long term weight loss solution. That may of left some people wondering so what will work ! Here I am to the rescue .Another disclaimer I'm no fitness expert and I am  most definitely  not saying I  have the perfect stomach and waist, far from it but I've lost weight from using these tips and I always like to try things that have worked for real women with real busy lives so I thought I'd share too ! I will also insert a before and after picture so you can see the progress for yourself

1. DRINK LOADS OF WATER ( Detox water even better !)
More specifically at least 2 litres a day . Lets be honest now the majority of us don't love to drink water but if we really understood the benefits I think we would.
Under all that water weight could be your dream stomach but your body is holding onto all that water because your not hydrated enough . Water retention causes bloating making you look bigger than you are. Drinking water will not only lose that water retention but also flush waste out of your system. This is where detoxing comes in. Simply adding lemons and/ or cucumbers to your water makes a big difference. Both these fruits contain antioxidants that help cleanse your body which Is just what you need to wash away all those nasty fats ( plus it makes your water look pretty sorry the fashion side of me speaking)!

 Fibre is a great way to keep you full and energized for longer! Fibre also helps your digestive system so switching to brown bread instead of white is a good start. One of my favourite cereal is special K ,its a low calorie quick and easy breakfast option and I promise it will keep you full till lunch ! Another alternative with plenty of fibre is oats if your not a fan of oats try  bran flakes they are usually pretty cheap and another high fibre option . Besides breakfast the best way to get a bunch of fibre in your gob is  eating loads of fruit and veg. With my dinner I always add additional salad to the vegetables already in the meal, mostly lettuce, red peppers, rocket leaf and spring onion not only is this adding more well needed fibre to my diet but it tastes so good. Finally a big change I have made is  changing my carb options,  I am an absolute pasta addict and cutting pasta out of my diet was proving impossible so instead of white pasta I tried  whole wheat  pasta and its just as good with the added bonuses  it doesn't give you that heavy sluggish feeling you get after eating white pasta. another one of my favourites is Couscous! Couscous is literally sooooo good and the easiest thing to make, add some vegetables, some seasoning and boom your good to go !

This last tip is extremely obvious yet we all try to avoid it. The best way to lose weight is to use the HIIT  workout ( high intensity, interval training). Its as simple as working out super hard at high speed for a short amount of time then decrease your speed  or stop completely. This increase and decrease in heart rate is great for burning calories and shedding that unwanted fat.

Now for the all important tummy toning exercises. I would suggest having a  general routine with this so you can see whats working for you and also to track progress. My usual routine consists of  basic yoga to relax me and get a good stretch in. The best exercises for your waist are any movements that twist your body while keeping your core tight for example Russian twists ,plank position twists. All plank position workouts are great for toning those abs but don't be fooled if you have a layer of fat over those beautiful abs it will only push your stomach out even more and not really show off all your hard work,  so stick with cardio based exercises mostly , keep it high intensity and don't stop till you really feel it !

Well that's all from me guys hope this was helpful I certainly found doing all the research for this helpful and will continue using these tricks! Best of luck.




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