Thursday, 19 March 2015

Topshop jeans review

Hello guys I had a cheeky little shopping trip last week as I was in desperate need of some retail therapy. My favourite item of the shopping trip was a pair of blue ripped jeans from Topshop.... I know I did a blog post about DIY ripped jeans and not bothering to buy them but these beauties were the exception  and worth £42.
1. They fit me perfectly ! I bought them from the petite section so I had no problem with the length finally for once which I was so pleased about  ( thank the lord !)
2. They are extremely comfortable and seem to look  stronger and better quality than the Topshop high waisted jeans.
3. Lastly I loved the colour and the style of the rips, not just little slits on the knee which in my opinion are pointless.
Here's how I decided to wear them out with my mumzie and twin sister on mothers day !

 Jeans- Topshop
Flatforms - Topshop
Jacket -New Look
Turtleneck- Primark


Wednesday, 11 March 2015


Evening fashion lovers, curious browsers and everyone else ! I've been seeing a massive trend on Adidas on Tumblr, in college everywhere really for a while now. In 2015  I feel their has  been a big phenomenon about street sportswear  so it came to no surprise when all the fuss about the German brand appeared.

 Adidas has become increasingly popular since Kanye West has been involved with them and seeing as people seem to follow everything Kanye West does so came the sudden love for adidas. I have nothing against Kanye west in fact I loved his fashion show but people are slightly too obsessed with him. I can understand being inspired by him but remember you are still your own person and don't have to wait for him to buy something new before you go out and buy the same thing... back to adidas. previously I did a post on Japanese inspired street wear which featured adidas of course. I'm still stuck on that collection, I think it was amazing but there has been plenty released from then. Adidas has really expanded their market to fashion lovers as well as sport lovers. I think it came at the perfect time . At the beginning of the new year everyone wants to get fit and hit the gym, so why not look good while doing it . who better than adidas to provide the perfect get fit and look hot while doing it outfit.


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