Sunday, 6 December 2015

Outfit post :Culotte Trousers

Hello all ! its about  2.30 am right now and I suddenly remembered  I would upload an outfit post on my recent purchase .So here it is!For those of you who haven't  had a chance to check out my last post, I mentioned these cullotte trousers I'm rocking. Like I said in my previous post it was a risky purchase as I had never worn anything with a similar fit, so if anyone has some tips on the best way to wear them feel free to comment or get in touch with me ! I  decided to try both casual and slightly more dressed up just by changing the shoes . These adidas shoes change the outfit to a clean cut street style while the white platforms still have an urban edge they class things up a bit which we all love occasionally!
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Here are the pictures I took! Apologies for the poor back drop, by the time I had a chance to do a quick shoot it was pitch black outside( sad times) but anyway hope you enjoy.
Peace and Love.


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