Wednesday, 28 October 2015

The Jacket.

Hello everyone you may of noticed it's not me in the picture ! This is my wonderful best friend Serena. I wanted a chance to experiment with fashion photography and styling. This was not only great fun but we got some pretty cool shots featuring a few new items I had recently purchased. My favourite item is definitely the black scuba style jacket it just looks so cool and adds that clean minimalistic style!
I will include where the main items are from but for now peace and love guys.

Top- H&M
Jeans-ASOS(DIY ripped jeans)

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Black or White

Hello everyone hope we're all doing well and to all the A2 students keep working hard in no time we'll be out of education woo hang in ! Anyway pep talk over, here is a another outfit post for you guys I bought this American football  shirt that I am in love with from Harpers and Lewis which is a vintage shop  in Reading which sells grunge 90's style clothing.If I had the money I would buy everything in there !This shirt was on sale for 10 pounds and if you keep up with my blog you will know how I feel about a good old bargain. I love the fish net material that is used and also how its oversized like a proper American football shirt would be. I think its a really grungy but fun item I wore it to reading festival with a pair of shorts and of course wellies . I  shot these pictures with both black platform sandals and white air forces both have that 90's look but I feel the black sandals add a girly edge to the outfit. Which shoes to do you prefer with this outfit? let me know in the comments below ! Till next time peace out fashion lovers


Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Grunge :monchrome and beige

Hey guys and girls I really have been slacking with my posts and I do apologise .I've had a lot on with college and the additional stress of applying to Uni now that I've decided not to take a gap year. But  if anyone is interested I might do an update post on how my journey into journalism is going.

Now about this outfit ! I know the weather here in England has bee shockingly awful but I took these pictures in summer and im just reminiscing over the sunny day when I could dress as I please with no worries of getting soaked. My favourite part of this outfit is definitely these platform white shoes I've worn them on so many occasions even on nights out when I want to look good but be comfortable and this  jacket  with a  beautiful bird sown on the back for that subtle detail but obviously you need the simple bits to complete the outfit with the jeans and stripped top which is by the way an off the shoulder top. Here are some more pictures for you to see the details of this outfit. until next time sayonara ! ( goodbye In Japanese)
Top - Miss Selfridge
Jeans- Miss Selfridge
Jacket - H&M
Shoes-New look


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