Tuesday, 23 September 2014

First day of autumn: grandad jumpers !

First day of autumn and I'm already seeing the sun hiding out ( sad time)  but there's always a plus side especially for us fashion lovers ! Its time to whip out the cosy granddad  jumpers! I am a big fan of autumn and winter just because I feel I dress better and love granddad style jumpers, by that I mean vintage oversized jumpers with some funky patterns  . As it gets colder I can layer up keeping me warm and also adding more depth and grunge to my outfit.
Top 4 autumn colours
  1. burgundy
  2. mustard
  3. military green
  4. auburn
Here's some autumn/ grunge inspired jumpers enjoy !

Coffee Batwing Fried Dough Twists Print Loose PulloverI just bought a pair that looks like this and I'm super excited to wear them.Levis-jeans-headband-gate-accessories-thrifted-vintage-jumper
I like this sweater... Looks like something my dad wore in the 90's.. if only he'd kept it!
casual street style oversized black turtleneck sweater boyfriend jeans distressed light wash black pointy heel pumps ray bansWith leggings :) Love the colours but could use navy jumper and red check scarf too.cute sweaterVINTAGE 80'S AZTEC GRANDAD SLOUCH FESTIVAL  JUMPER SIZE LARGE RARE!!!Indie grunge vintage grandad jumper
autumn picnic, mustard, yellow, jumper, knit, colour, tartan run, hamper, wicker basket
Quote of the day
"We've removed the ceiling above our  dreams there are no more impossible dreams "
Jesse Jackson

Sunday, 7 September 2014

college fashion essentials !

College is starting  tomorrow and I'm super excited as it will  be a new experience. Also I don't have to wear a uniform  (happy days !)...  but that  comes with the problem of what to wear !  I went shopping to look for some essentials and I'm going to make a log of all my outfits to update you guys on my college look this week.

college clothes check list !
  • comfortable
  • easy to put together
  • mix and match with other outfits

Here are a few essential items I think you will definitely need, good luck everyone with your first day !

Minimal : Leather Trousers + Leather Slip ons + Long Coat / Vosses
love these shoes so diverse and comfortable

creepers shoes. I still don't know how I feel about these but they're growing on me... I kinda want a pair lol
how to actually style skater skirts instead of just wearing brandy crop tops with them!!!!!!!!!!
 bomber jacket, grey miniskirt, white sweatshirtMinimal + Chic | @CO DE + / F_ORM
dark gray + black jumper.Romwe Jumper with 3 colors.

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