Tuesday, 17 November 2015

The high fashion wide leg

I'm back ! its been a while since I've written and I do apologise I've been extremely busy but I have to make time to do what I love so I will definitely be making more of an effort !

This Friday I treated my self to a small shopping trip limiting myself to just 2 items ! A warm grey high neck jumper and wide leg cropped trousers  both items that have got me all excited about fashion again !Every time I buy an item of clothing and I can picture several cool  outfits being created I feel its definitely a worth while purchase . I've always wanted a pair of trousers like these  they look super high fashion yet urban and casual. I  never felt confident enough to try wide leg  line trousers  because I'm pretty short and I just thought it wouldn't suit my figure BUT when I saw these in the sale section in H&M  for £5 and I couldn't resist trying them on. I took a few pictures in the changing room and as I haven't had a chance to take some real shots I will post the pictures I took below and some picture that inspired me.Eventually take some proper pictures showing how I styled it up !

Hope you enjoyed this post till next time peace and love !



...harperandharley.com found this cool all-black outfit...:

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