Sunday, 4 January 2015

short girl problems

Happy new year guys, hope you all had a great start to your year. on a less merry note I have a bone to pick with the makers of jeans in most stores. Why are there hardly any jeans available for short people! I am around 5ft 2 and a size 10 in jeans and it is such a challenge to find a  good fitting pair of jeans .Where are  all my short people at? who agrees or is it just me being picky?Firstly if i buy a size 10 they are too long still so i have to roll them up which in my opinion slightly ruins my look. then if i buy a size 8 the struggle to fit them over my bum and thighs,  its really not worth it. So not only do i have the problem of being short but of being a bit chunky on my bottom half !if anyone out there is an awesome jean designer i beg you create a line for us shorty's and you will be loved forever... rant over. On the other hand there are loads of positives of  being short so never feel down about your self simply because of your height or body shape, we are all beautiful !

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