Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Kim K's infamous Ben Nye powder (review)

Hey everyone, I've really been trying to do more posts, so here I go with another. This is a little different seeing as I don't usually write about make up and its not like im being paid to write this review so why am I bothering ? Welllll because this powder is FLAWLESS and I think you all deserve to know about it if you already don't.

 Guys when I say this stuff works it works ! I had heard a big  fuss about  it after people found out the selfie queen  Kim Kardashian uses the banana powder. As much as I can say she's a narcissistic materialistic person  ( don't hate on me just my opinion) we all know  her make up is gorgeous. So I thought I'd check out what the fuss was about. I searched on You tube and a ton of videos came up with all amazing reviews and also so many shades . I'm all up for trying things out so I went to my good old pal eBay and bought 4g of the Ben Nye powder in the colour sienna for only £2.80 with free delivery ( always a bonus).
I tried it out today and it made all the difference. it created a matte effect on my face so goodbye shiny face!Also it lasts all through out the day I went out at about 4 came back at about 9 and it still looked great without any touch ups needed ( ain't nobody got time for that) .

 This product is just what I needed seeing as im trying to update my make up collection. Its coming on quite nicely, when its all done I will do a blog post on it but for now peace and love beautiful people.

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