Thursday, 28 January 2016

The truth about waist training

Hey guys.
I wanted to touch on a subject that has been on my mind for a while and I feel its pretty important . Waist trainers began as a go to fitness hack for celebrities to get that oh so desirable hourglass shape but as this hype has been spread across the media, more and more women are using them in hope to get that perfect shape with of course the tiny waist but still maintain a full curvaceous body. This body we see so often on instagram on twitter and everywhere else in the media  is unrealistic and is just not how the majority of women look without time, effort and money needed. Yes im aware I may get barked at that I'm jealous and hating. I cannot deny the jealousy part may have some truth but I still feel people should know the truth about these coke bottle bodies. So in this post I will be discussing  the facts and  dangers of becoming obsessed with waist training  In addition on my next post  I will include some safe exercise alternatives I've recently used to slim down and get some inches of my waist! Quick disclaimer im not a health professional I just love to do research on health and fitness and try out some things myself! Don't be put down by the media, every body shape is beautiful !

1. They don't work all that effectively !
Many clinical professionals have said these garments fail to promote weight loss which is what is needed to reduce the circumference around your weight. Suggestions have also been made that the corsets are put on so tightly that you produce more sweat than normal and therefore drop pounds through sweat specifically in the targeted areas. There are two things wrong with this theory of how the trainers work . 1. It is not possible to sweat so much in one area that it slims you down. 2. Majority of the time It is very difficult to lose weight on a specific area of your body, the best way to see results is to do cardio then as  you can control where you build muscle do some exercises with weights to look more lean and defined.

2. Waist training is not a long term solution.
Wearing a corset maybe okay on a night out to get a better shape but to assume constantly wearing a corset will safely suck in your waist is completely untrue. It has been found that waist training decreases core strength which in the long run makes it difficult to maintain a toned and smaller stomach.

3.What are the risks?
As we all know corsets work by pushing your stomach in but if worn too tightly can push important organs out of place leading to breathing difficulties. which is why I'd like to stress DO NOT EXERCISE WITH A WAIST TRAINER ON !

So that's the truth about waist training if it hasn't put you off I hope at least you feel a little more informed !
Till next time peace and love.

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