Thursday, 6 November 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M

 Panic moment, the count down for the Alexander Wang collection is over ! To be more specific it was over today at 9am (Thursday 6th November).A lot of chaos has been caused by the release of Wang's collaboration with H&M there were  massive queues outside H&M stores and the website crashed at one point due to the amount of people using it, to be honest im not surprised the clothing line is absolutely amazing and even inspiring any fashion lover would find some fascination in each item . Sadly me being the unorganised person I am, I  didn't buy the items I wanted  slightly before and now pretty much EVERYTHING  is sold out and im left feeling extremely disappointed . Lesson learnt, if you really want to buy an item that is new out be prepared and think ahead of time! If anyone managed to get anything I'd love to find out what you got !
Here's some pictures of the things I wanted and hopefully some how will get!

Beckerman Sisters in Alexander Wang

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