Thursday, 13 November 2014

New Kicks :White air force's

Once again I have bought another pair of shoes, guys I need to stop... but I probably won't ! I've been pondering on whether to buy white air forces as they can sometimes look a bit typical and slightly chavy lets be honest .After looking in my wardrobe I realised I had quite a few items that would match very well with them to create more of an urban feel to my outfits, plus they are comfortable practical shoes that can be worn plenty of times  so I would say im making an investment! One issue  I have with white shoes is the hassle of keeping them clean.... sigh.Well an amazing item has been created to keep your kicks squeaky clean!All you do is spray it before and it makes it much easier  to simple wipe of the dirt .im not too sure what the name is but I shall find out for you!
 Here are some cool pictures I found of white air forces and possible ways of wearing them. Enjoy

Gettin' cosy: Best Winter coats for your body shape -
Transparent rain coat over white with Air Force ones
Black and White - Standard. (by Victoria Trnegren) nike shoes,nike fashion style
Nude coat and white #trend #fashion
Nike air force 1 white, long cardigan, streetstyle
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