Thursday, 20 August 2015

Back to 90's grunge

Hey guys I've been really bad with posting about fashion and I think I have rekindled my love for fashion. So here I am doing a post from a refreshed perspective. I think I started to lose sight of why I initially got into to fashion in the first place. Some of you may be thinking its not that serious but I think its a serious problem when you start to lose your passion. 

I feel like I started to care about what was trending and looking " cool" but not really wearing clothes I was utterly in love with. I have a rule when I shop I can't buy anything unless Im in love with it ( excluding basics and essentials) lately I definitely have not really been following my own rule.
time to change things up hence the title im experimenting with a bit of grunge which is a style I have always loved also as reading festival is coming up  ( can't wait !) I've been thinking about fashion inspired by different music genres . I literally love all things 90' grunge.

 here is some grunge inspiration  a lot I got from one of my favourite fashion bloggers Le Happy  enjoy I will also be doing a grunge outfits post with a few new items I have bought so look out for that, thanks for reading peace and love !

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This is probably one of my favourite pictures I don't know why it really seems to capture the essence of grunge.

GRUNGE Vogue (1992) life-changing editorial shot by Steven Meisel featuring Naomi Campbell, Kristen Mcmenamy and Nadja Auermann
us vogue dec 1992 (29)

You know the rule about if you wore it the first time round, you shouldn't wear it again... that's just a guideline!

Luanna from Le Happy looks amazing in our Alexa Long Sleeved Crop Top >>
A little rock and roll.. I wish you could hear the tune I sing as I say rock and roll. swag. rock plaid out this season this way. River Island Pants

..Very witchy. I like it.  I kind of need this outfit.

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