Monday, 17 August 2015

Jazz night: fashion show

Hello fashion lovers and blog readers ! So as you may know from my last post the jazz night on the 7th of august  and it went so well, there was a great turn out and we managed to raise around £810 all going to creating better futures charity . Also Emmanuel a finalist contestant from the voice came to perform and he honestly has the most beautiful voice of our generation I would recommend checking him out for any music lovers looking for inspiration.
 photograph taken by Charisse Chikwiri

Now to what I really wanted to discuss ! The fashion showww!! I am so glad I had the opportunity to freely express my vision  and reflect it within a fashion show . Also I'm so happy I got to do it with my best friend. I  can't lie it did get quite stressful as organising anything can be but I learnt a lot from this and hope to do it again some time. I learnt things such as how important it is to communicate clearly and repetitively if needed. Something that also became clear to me is that you have to be a an assertive person at some point, when you have an image in your mind just push it ahead and don't take no for an answer. Lastly take control ! Something I found slightly challenging as the models had lets say big personalities.

Massive thank you to everyone who came and the models!

 and a cheeky selfie I took, peace and love people !

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