Wednesday, 23 April 2014

candy pastels !

Time to bring out the pastels ! Winters gone and spring is coming... along with my hayfever *sigh*. im loving the colours in fashion at the moment my personal favourite has to be the baby blue, its such a cute colour! besides the baby blue there's a lot of pinks. Not everyone likes the whole girly style and it may seem these colours can only be worn with pretty flowers and bundles of pink but I think the contrast of the colours could go really well with a more relaxed casual look and even some  grunge aspects.

My own version of pastel fashion, I decided to wear a pastel blue skort with a white knitted  jumper as it was a bit chilly but I think the combination still works and gives it a more casual look.


 This pink jacket is just amazing! It looks so sophisticated and goes so well with the pastel blue bag.
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