Sunday, 27 April 2014

Fashion Crush

Celebrity fashion ! Yeah this is really cliché of me , so for this post ill be successfully cliché.
There aren't many celebrities im soo in love with to be honest I appreciate there fashion but I have a real problem with this idea that being half naked makes you look good NO it looks trashy! you can look good and not have half your body on show some people may disagree with me but I think fashion is about expressing yourself but still have self respect as Coco Chanel said " A girl should be two things classy and fabulous ".

First person i'll start with Zandaya Coleman
her fashion has so much variation, from sophisticated to old school.

This jacket is frickin awesome how can a 17 year old pull that off its amazing !

                                dress by Emanuel Ungaro 

                                                   Iggy Azalea

        got to love Iggy's style although some of her clothes are a bit too revealing but id still say her fashion is fun and originally classy

iggy wearing Just Cavalli
Lorde has a really grunge gothic fashion ,I think she looks really unique and even in black stands out.

 Lorde wearing Coco Perez

love this so much and I have those shoes yay !

let me be your ruler  
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