Saturday, 19 April 2014

i love 'ugly' shoes

seems pretty unusual to say I love ugly shoes but  honest I really do.
 There's something so original about wearing shoes that look like your nan wore back in the day and actually being able to pull it off. I applaud all people brave enough to try them out. when I say I love ugly shoes I mean 90's inspired  grunge chunky shoes.
I am a massive fan of Grunge, most of the time I wear black platform shoes, their amazing for 1. making me look taller (yeah im team shorty!) 2. adding a statement to my outfit and lastly they can transform a boring outfit.


Leah Mcfall's fashion sense in my opinion is unbelievably original bizarre and brilliant! she's a great example of a person who rocks 'ugly' shoes exceptionally .in other words her shoe game is Cray!

                           what do you guys think of her  shoes ?

       here is my shoe game that I really need to update a bit of colour is definitely needed

                                  on those chilled days going for the skater girl look trainers are
                                   are a must.

                                     yeah typical creepers but I love them they are so easy to wear and so comfy.


                                                    'ugly' shoe wish list


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